Gardner Pilot Academy has earned a reputation for offering high-quality academic and enrichment programs to a diverse student body in a caring, challenging learning environment.

Parents, partners, community leaders, alumni, neighbors, and others attest to the value of a GPA education.


Gardner Pilot Academy has long been a leader in using time wisely to help students succeed.  The school uses its autonomies effectively to make the most of every minute, to ensure students get the individualized academic support they need to succeed, to ensure children have an enriching, well-rounded education and to attend to the many socioemotional and other barriers to learning and thriving.  GPA is also to be commended for ensuring time for teachers to collaborate and grow so they can be fulfilled and effective professionals at their demanding work.  All in all, Gardner Pilot Academy is a jewel.”

– Chris Gabrieli, Co-Founder and Chairman, Massachusetts 2020

Gardner Pilot Academy is a model full-service community school.  With years of history behind it, GPA has established and maintained a program that accesses a full range of community partners in order to meet the many needs of the students in its building. Over time, the school hasn’t rested on its successes; rather, they have sought to increase and improve services – always keeping students’ needs at the center of their thinking. I am consistently impressed with the school’s values and vision that are communicated in everything they do and their clear focus on high-quality, strategic partnerships and services.”

– Abby R. Weiss, Executive Director, Full-service Schools Roundtable

From a young age, the morals and values taught at Gardner Pilot Academy helped shape me into who I am today. I was very influenced by the persistence the teachers had with each individual student. Along with academics, GPA also taught me how to be respectful, honest, and caring.”

– Marian Barrios, GPA Alumna

As the former superintendent of several Massachusetts school districts and as a faculty member at Boston College in the Educational Leadership program, I have seen many schools in and outside of Massachusetts. I consider Gardner Pilot Academy to be among the finest of those schools.”

– Professor Irwin Blumer, Boston College; GPA Governing Board Chair

GPA is a first-class, innovative, multicultural school who prides itself on individualizing instruction for all students. The commitment of the leadership and staff is like no other, always exploring the latest research-based teaching methods while monitoring growth for every child.”

– Claudia Rinaldi, Education Development Center